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About RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

RFID provides accurate and real-time visibility of tagged items or assets. It allows businesses to have accurate inventory counts, track the location of items in real-time, and quickly identify discrepancies or shortages, leading to improved inventory management and better decision-making.

How it Works

While receiving using RFID Label printer to print and encode RFID label. Tag it to your stocks/items as verification.
Moving Stock In to warehouse or Stock Out from warehouse pass through by the RFID Gantry to detect item movement.
The RFID Gantry will install the RFID Reader and Antenna as well in side by side to do.
While stock take, picking or tracking for current stock location able to use the RFID mobile computer to scan and locate it.

Hardware Supported

Globalsion will supports the require hardware with branding products such as :