Inventory Management System

Precision-driven Inventory Management: Say goodbye to human errors!

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About IMS

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System by Globalsion is a powerful and intuitive solution designed to streamline and optimize your inventory control processes. With real-time tracking, comprehensive reporting, and advanced analytics, our system empowers you to take complete control of your inventory, minimize stockouts, reduce carrying costs, and maximize operational efficiency. Our inventory management system harnesses the power of technology to eliminate human errors and enhance accuracy throughout your inventory control processes. With automated data capture, intelligent algorithms, and meticulous tracking, our system ensures pinpoint precision, minimizing costly mistakes and optimizing inventory accuracy. Take control of your inventory with confidence, knowing that our solution keeps human errors at bay, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

System Features :


Real-time, attractive and get all what your's need at a glance.

Inventory Review

Data Review attractive and ease to understand

Stock In & Out

Of's course, our system does have include stock in and stock out with simple data input and barcode capture to do.

Stock Transactions

Besides that, our inventory management system had including stock adjustment,stock transfer and stock count features for ability adjust stock as special needs and convenient.


Check Physical and System Variance Stock

Stock Count

Report and Analysis

Our inventory management system able to generate the current inventory stock, stock movement and others report that needs.

Inventory Report

Mobile Feature

Yes, our system is bundle with mobile APK for our hardware mobile computing products to do.