Electronic Shelf Label

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About ESL

Electronic Shelf Label

The new generation of ESLs, applying the technology of ESL Communication, Wi-Fi and IOT system, enable stores to achieve all digital functions without installing servers.

Electronic Shelf Label Introduce

How it Works

ESL serves as not just a label providing information more clearly than traditional paper labels but also as an invaluable tool for store managers to swiftly and effortlessly customize promotional messages.

Solutions Industries

Electronic Shelf Labels are a valuable tool for modern retailers and businesses, offering benefits such as price accuracy, operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and the ability to implement dynamic pricing strategies. They contribute to a more agile and responsive retail environment in the digital age.

Reduces Cost
Centralized Managment
Real-time Dynamic Pricing
Improves Brand Image
Fast Updates with Bluetooth® 5.0
Improves Medical Records Accuracy
Centralized Administration of Displays
Maintains High-quality Patient Care
Fast Updates with Bluetooth® 5.0
Reduce Search Time Considerably
Remotely Manage Any Shelf-Edge
Shorten Operating Circle
Fast Updates with Bluetooth® 5.0
Clear Digital Room Signage
Up-to-date Attendee Info at A Glance
Easily Check Meeting Room Status
Fast Updates with Bluetooth® 5.0